Zero fucks given Jack Skellington shirt


We all touch the same buttons, sensors, and handles on our machines with no supplies of Zero fucks given Jack Skellington shirt spray or wipes to sanitize because of a shortage! Why is it okay to put us at risk? Because we don’t work with the public?!? But we are the public! We go out and are surrounded by the public. If your going to quarantine don’t leave a mass group of people out! Our health is more important than the production of our factories! How can the governor allow this to happen when he has closed down 50 seat restaurants. My wife is petrified to go to work as are so many others but it seems money is more important than lives.

I’m confused about all these closings and Zero fucks given Jack Skellington shirt. Restaurants, schools, and limited gatherings of people are now in effect, but my spouse works in a factory of roughly 500 people working 1st shift with less than ideal conditions for health risks being so close to each other but yet they remain open. Is the governor really concerned about all Ohio citizens or is it the money the large factories are making for the state? If anyone is at risk I would think with that number of employees if 1 person tests positive it would be disastrous to all those workers.

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