You say crazy Irish lady like it’s a bad thing shirt


She has COPD, PCOS, Thyroid Problems, and her Genes. Together, this means that she’ll “gain weight by looking at food” and that the tingling in her legs, the constant tiredness, the pain, the peeing, the eyesight problems, the being out of breath after climbing a few stairs to my office … must be something else but not related to her weight and morbid obesity. I should treat her, here and now, without weighing her, without taking blood for a glucose test, and without telling her that much needed surgery is not possible while she’s 100 lbs overweight. She knows better, and doctors are unintelligent and fat shaming.

You say crazy Irish lady like it’s a bad thing shirt

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Her son has been coughing for a day. He has lightly elevated temperature. He’s not vaccinated, because vaccines cause autism (she’s done her research, I apparently have not) and are full of toxins. He probably has “the” Coronavirus, and I need to give him antibiotics, because her stash from Greece (where it was OTC until a few months ago) has ran out. He’s got a nasty cough since he was put on Ramipril. But that can’t be it, it must be the air at work that changed when he came back from a brief time off after a hypertensive crisis. No matter that ACE inhibitors can cause this kind of cough, I know nothing about “radon leaks” in offices and I need to write him a worker’s comp claim.

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