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Thanks for spoiling at the last moment. LAvengers Lhasa Apso shirt, traveling to the location of stones and getting hands on them before Thanos, divided into six teams. Avengers posing with The Shield signature fist bump because they are the hounds of justice. Stop it. We don’t wanna know anything. We wanna go watch it with no expectations or spoilers. Props to Marvel for using the 80’s inspired Iron Man suit for his final movie. All these people complaining about too much footage and I’m over here like; now I can plan bathroom breaks. That cheesy fist bump is so brilliant so they’re going divided I assume through time to collect the stones.

LAvengers Lhasa Apso Guys shirt
BTvengers Bull Terrier Guys shirt

 That would definitely spoil the entire movie and attract even more spoilers.

BTvengers Bull Terrier shirt

The Beatles 60th anniversary 1960 2020 signature Guys shirt
We have to go to that fancy theater for this one because I hear seats of two are spaced apart from others, and I’m going to need some room to cry. That’s all just from the first act. The movie will be very anticlimactic. Won’t spoil anything else, but people are getting hyped over nothing. I think I love Thanos more than the Avengers. Thanos saved the world and the bad.

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