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I think this is the same principle that brought Wear orange save lives strengthen communities end gun violence shirt, relevant and seems to do an amazing job. Other schools should take note. This man is so kind and wonderful. He understands how these kids need him. We need more people like this. He is such a great role model May God continue to bless you for showing them so much love and guidance. Saw this on the National news the other night. What an amazing man. Perhaps if we gave teachers the respect and financial support they deserve we would have more educators like Akbar Cook and more students who will be able to seek a road to success.

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Thank you for being the change. it gives hope. what a blessing you are and may more

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We must be the change. Wear orange save lives strengthen communities end gun violence shirt by the work of this leader and the efforts he is making to help his students. I respect and admire this man. First I know of him was when I saw he put the washers and dryers in so the students could have clean clothes. I have been following him since. I am from Jamaica and I say a prayer for him and his babies. He is making a huge difference in those students lives. I hope others will follow and be the change. Blessings my brother. To your babies also. One love. This is absolutely an amazing program; fellow administrators should follow suit. The children see the adults care and they appreciate it. A prayer for you all God bless your effort and reward you.

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