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I used to do this with Funtie the fun aunt like a mom only way cooler and drunker shirt when they give them sugar after 7:00 pm. That is so true Ellie rose. That Emma Billington was the same with Charlie Anderson As Well. I’ve still not got over the time she gave him a drum set complete drum kit with cymbals. I would babysit the girls fill them up with sugar and put them a bed at 10 pm just so when you guys were getting home they be up. I don’t gotta do this they are crazy without the sugar. That’s why they love their aunties so much cuz they are us when we were little. Do this with my grandkids. Wanna bake cupcakes?
I’m a grumpy old August man I’m too old to fight to slow to run shirt
We have already started doing that a bit Funtie the fun aunt like a mom only way cooler and drunker shirt. Except at my house, I try to give him rice and vegetables and he gets mad at me and spits it out. Tell me about it! But seriously, always a BIG Thank you and Hugs for thinking of them constantly. They always have an awesome time with you especially when it’s a chance to get some sugar rush! More like pumping my child full of sugar and leaving her with Uncle Thomas. I’m half tempted to order a first class ticket and leave mom.

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