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One of the biggest influences on Baby Yoda Irish I am kiss me you must shirt Star Wars is Western films and “Baby Yoda” is drawn from a classic Western trope. In this trope, the gritty, ner-do-well, hyper-violent anti-hero is paired up with an innocent child. You see this in films like Shane, True Grit, Pale Rider, and The Outlaw Josey Wales. The Mandalorian. An excellent show, very popular among quite a few people these days, and is made really well. Baby Yoda is the most popular character from it, and the Mandalorian is second. The show is about the bounty hunter who is going around capturing people for money, and protecting The Baby. You should watch it! Available only on Disney unfortunately. Baby Yoda Irish I am kiss me you must shirt Honestly, I feel like that little guy is kind of the collective Star Wars community’s shared child. Seriously, I don’t think I have ever seen us all so united on a single thing in SW like this. I think we should all be the ones to name him. I bet we would all pick Yoda Jr, even if it is not Yoda’s offspring. like he has to fill out elementary school papers or anything like that. It is very possible that someone along the way picks a name like maybe Cara Dune or Kuiil (assuming he ends up back there at some point). Seger defines the Midwest, Bob Seger 50th Anniversary 1970-2020 I’m old older now but still running against the wind shirt especially in his home state of Michigan where he sings about youth past, the blue-collar life, struggles, trials and tribulations as well as soulful 60s retrospectives of how things once were. He’s a great lyricist—but he’s a better songwriter. The guy spins melody and does it through that growling baritone vocal which offers the listener swagger and bravado. His Silver Bullet Band—they can match the E Street any day. Seger never got the accolades and praise as The Boss did. Rightly so. His music somehow teetered between authentic and commercial authentic, which is just another way of saying he made music to the masses while retaining an identity. But some of his music is timeless. Seger’s songs “Horizontal Bop”, “Fire Down Beloe” and “Her Strut” have all bent feminists noses out of joint. Yoda Irish I am kiss me you must Hoodie Yoda Irish I am kiss me you must Ladies Tee Yoda Irish I am kiss me you must Sweater


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