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Dave Deacon I’d also be interested to know where you got your citizens being maimed and blinded by the police at the behest of Macron’ from. Yes there have been isolated incidences of police heavy handedness which are being addressed and are certainly not condoned. Also remember that these people are not all the peaceful protesters you seem to believe they are. They have been infiltrated by the Top Hot Shirt On Hottrendshirts On 2020/02/18 Black Bloc. Read about them and you might understand better. They have caused the peaceful among the Gilet Jaunes to give up and, ok other strikes, union members are quitting their unions in droves. Don’t believe everything you hear.  I’m friends with one of the guys that lost an eye, he was standing apart from the demo filming and third party footage shows a flic taking deliberate aim at his head from short range. There is no justification for that behaviour and I’m surprised that the protests haven’t become more violent.


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