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. He should’ve served his full time behind security.  I don’t think any of us are advocating that he shouldn’t have still been in prison. And the decision to adjust his sentence from an indefinite one to a fixed term one was the court of appeals, not his defense counsel.  Now, having looked more deeply into the reports of this matter, I will modify my statements because it seems that the Law was altered during his incarceration and applied to Khan’s case retrospectively, so I will concede that in this case, his Counsel for Defence may not have been as culpable as I originally stated. This puts a different slant on the situation, so I humbly doff my cap by way of apology. The Top Hot Shirt On Hottrendshirts On 2019/12/02 law however means that no one sentenced to a terrorism offence is now subject to automatic early release’  which raise a whole new discussion  Paul Taylor the court of appeal or parole board were never involved in the release of this man. He was automatically released having served half his sentence. This type of release only happened for a four year period & supposedly can not happen again. This loophole has caused lives & someone should be held accountable & I think it lies with the government.



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