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Yours is a very jaundiced version of the history. Germany declared war on us. It was already bad enough what they were doing to our Allies in Europe, but once they declared war on us, they became a target. As for sacrifice of lives, first of all, remember how few lives we lost compared to the other combatants. It really sounds like whining for us to complain about such low casualties, especially since we came out of the war better off than any nation on Earth. Our economy grew stronger, when the economy of all of Europe, including Britain, was ruined.

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Finally, a more cynical consideration which, however, was very much in the minds of Churchill, FDR and Truman: letting the Soviets win this war without ourselves getting involved would be handing Europe and Asia, including Japan, over to Communism. A lot of people don’t realize this, but the real reason for the “race to Berlin” was to keep Stalin from taking all of Germany and then France. Similarly, few realize that in his desperation. Bull Terrier Btvengers Avenger V-neck t-shirt

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German actually declared war on the united states after Pearl Harbor. At that point, attacking Germany was likely the optimal decision. I suppose that the United States could have waited and seen whether the allied forces would have been sufficient to stop Germany but that places the United States at risk if Germany wins the war. Furthermore, Germany was also developing a nuclear program, we knew because much of the German talent developing the bomb had been Jewish and had fled to the United States.Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahuavengers Avenger V-neck t-shirt

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But on 11 December 1941, the Japanese Empire attacked Pearl Harbour because the US had their Pacific Fleet based there and effectively stopping the US from intervening in Japan’s Pacific Conquest. The US then declared war on Japan because of this. . To the US, Britain could NOT fall under any circumstances, if they did the possibility of attacking Germany by land or invasion was made extremely hard and would leave the US almost alone in the fight against Germany and Italian forces.Doberman Pinscher Dpvengers Avenger V-neck t-shirt

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Its kind of the opposite, the US was a victim of Germany’s Imperialistic ambitions and imperialism, as ive said before the US was very isolationist and didn’t have many (imperial) ambitions through warfare.  When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hitler declared war on the US, even though the treaty with Japan only required him to support Japan if Japan was attacked. This solved Roosevelt’s problem and pretty much assured the defeat of the Third Reich.German Shepherd Gsvengers Avenger V-neck t-shirt

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Once the US joined the war, it was decided by the Allies to go after Hitler first as he was occupying Europe and was considered the bigger threat. There was a particular concern that if the US and Britain didn’t go after Hitler he could possibly defeat the USSR and make the war longer and bloodier.  As history has documented Japan’s declaration of war was received by the US president Franklin D Roosevelt after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Golden Retriever Grvengers Avenger V-neck t-shirt

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Imagine a river with a very strong current eating way the river bank little by little over time. You live around 10 houses away, and you see each house being washed away one after the other every few months. For now, the strong current has not touched your property and so if you think there is nothing to worry about, let the other 9 houses deal with it; that would be a very foolish thing to do on your part.Great Dane Gdvengers Avenger V-neck t-shirt

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From: their push into the Phillipines it was pretty obvious that Australia would be completely isolated if not invaded had the Japanese been allowed to continue their imperialism in Asia. If you want to make some sort of case of American Imperialism the only situation that is really a fair one is the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands and the establishment of Nigeria on the West African Coast. Our business connections with other countries especially in energy production are just that. We did not go into other nations to colonize and include them in the U.S.A. like the British and the many other European Nations did.Siberian Husky Huskyvengers Avenger V-neck t-shirt

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Germany never attacked us directly, but Hitler did declare war on the United States directly, which ironically, is the only time Hitler actually declared war on another country. Remember, Britain and France declared war on Germany, and Germany simply used that as justification to invade Western Europe. And the German attack on the Soviet Union was a sneak attack. Axis alliance with Japan. Hitler and his thugs grossly underestimated the United States, and assumed Japan would occupy the Americans long enough for Germany to defeat the Soviets and make terms with Britain. In other words, I don’t think Hitler thought he would even face American troops in Europe. A terrible blunder. Labrador Retriever Lrvengers Avenger V-neck t-shirt

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Most of the American citizenry as well as the President Woodrow Wilson were against entering the war. The United States was very isolationist at the time and preferred neutrality to getting involved in something that was none of their business. There was a small group that was for entering the war on England’s side. There was also a small group that was for entering the war on Germany’s side.Yorkshire Terrier Ytvengers Avenger V-neck t-shirt

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He was unable to do to lack of political support. America was isolationist at that time. The average American could not care what happened on the other side of the world. The American National Socialist Party is quite big and popular. The rhetoric deals with the same issues as many Americans had to deal with and it promised solutions. Ships sending support were constantly being sunk. US ships. This is the reason for the large escorted convoys.Pomeranian Pomeranian Pvengers Avenger V-neck t-shirt

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