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I suspect that if you were to go back in time and talk to people, most of the charcoal burners and swine-herders in the forest would turn out to have been autists, and most of the “champion plooboys” who won “cups and ribbons and prizes oh!” for ploughing an obsessively straight furrow. There were a lot more well-regarded jobs in the past for people who wanted a nice quiet job on their own or working with non-human animals.Flamingo camping Apparently we're trouble when we are together who knew Sweater

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Wrelated. A very high proportion of true geniuses have been autists, so if you wanted to look for it in the distant past you would probably want to look at Imhotep (the Ancient Egyptian Leonardo), and see if he showed any signs of autism.I suffer from OSD obsessive sunflower disorder Sweater

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We had a lot of fish, quail, and grain. Meat was expensive stuff, the food you set aside for festivities. Our long hungry winters taught us how to pickle things to be consumed when we ran out of bread and other stuff stored in the basement.Good girls go to heaven bad girls go to lux with Lucifer morningstar Sweater

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The stressful life of hunters, warriors and farmers busy in the middle of the harvesting season taught us how to throw anything edible we find in water and boil it, to be eaten right away. Hence, the plethora of soups and porridges.

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Ukrainian cuisine is a southern one, with a strong streak of Mediterranean influences. Hence, much more fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. Better soils, milder climate, more productive agriculture and longer farming seasons allowed for plenty of experimenting with recipes and cooking. Therefore, more variety, especially with grilled and roasted meals, and pastries.

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The climate in Ukraine was much more conducive to keeping livestock and pig farming. Hence, the main fault line between Ukraine and Russia: they used lard (or sunflower oil) as the main source of lubricant fat for cooking. In Russia, we used sour cream instead. Hence, our modern obsession with mayonnaise. Below, an advertisement from 1940 for mayonnaise produced on imported American lines. “Sauce Mayonnaise, the perfect condiment to all cold meals, meat, fish and cooked vegetables.”

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Too many fans, in my opinion, are concerned about the differences between the show and the books. I think those differences allow us to have different views of the story and more material that enables consistency. You will enjoy reading the books, and you’ll also understand why the rest of us are so obsessed with it. Of course you will need some tenacity because if you want to read the books you should start with the first one and it is pretty much the same as the first season. The second one though is, to me, the most different from the show.

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Physically, often irises that are cloudy indicate some sort of blindness. The movement of the eyes may indicate the stance of person, such as if the person is nervous, observing, or focused. If the eyes wrinkle, the person maybe smiling. The fold of the eyes may indicate some information. For example, my sleep patterns change, often my right eye will change from a double fold to a monolid. If I had been crying heavily the night before, both of my eyes turn into monolids. The color of the eyes also may indicate health problems. Redness may mean pink eye or allergies. Bags under the eyes may also indicate allergies, or too little or too much sleep.

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Living small suggests that one is not obsessed with material accumulation, social status, personal image and similar narcissistic activities. This diminution of the material opens the door to a fuller and more beneficial appreciation of the beauty of the world around us.

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Every song a well thought out gem. This inspired Brian to try and equal or top it with what became Pet Sounds. Paul McCartney says that God Only Knows from Pet Sounds is his favorite song and has called it the perfect song. When Sgt Pepper came out. Brian Wilson was obsessed with it and kept listening to the mono version of the on headphones. There was a great expectation that his next album with The new Beach Boys was going to top Sgt Pepper. This girl still loves NKOTB Sweater

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