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I liked his way of talking, respecting women and loving family nature. I accepted his proposal after a month when I talked to him about my and his priorities and family related stuffs and started dating in March. I’m a Kannadiga and he belonged to Rajasthani Bhrahmin family. He went home to talk about me with his parents in the month of June. His parents were OK with me and his father gave green signal to our relationship. I talked to my parents about him. They reluctantly said yes to meet him but I only held it since his Dada’s(grandfather) permission was necessary. My mom said No to him after seeing his pic. But my dad said lets see how he’s and his family is. His dada said no(in September) since I was not from his community. But we did not breakup that time which was the big mistake I have ever committed till date. As my ex says, his father tried a lot in convincing his dada, for almost 10 months which I was never told about it.

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We continued dating but in October he got seizures attack for the second time which he had hidden from me. I didn’t know what seizures mean and i got to know it is one of the common diseases. I was so much in love with him that I never bothered about his health conditions. His immune system was very week. Most of the times he would be sneezing or would be down with fever or cold or indigestion problem. He would be suffering from one or the other thing. I had dreamnt of our future and family as other Indian girl dreams because of which I was always ready to do anything for him. I had lended him almost 2 lacs for house deposit, iPhone 7 and laptop when he was fired from this company. His parents never helped him any of the money matters. His father is a Govt doctor and his mom runs a PG of around 25 girls. Yes, he got dropped off from the office since he was an UI developer and was not technically strong enough to survive in IT. I morally supported him and offered to take care of his expenses till he gets new job. He never listened to me, vacated his PG and left Bangalore forever in May 2018. Within 15 days he got offer from a start up in Gurgoan and shifted there in June. I trusted him so much that I was ready for long distance relationship too.

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