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He’s an openly gay, elected mayor in a conservative state. A war veteran. A husband to an educator. Those aren’t the only reasons to support him. Those are ice breakers. I’m interested to hear his policies. Hear his vision for the country.  I remember when we elected people based on ideals not race, religion, sexual orientation or creed. I am so glad they protested. They did so peacefully and rightfully so. They should not have been arrested. That’s not right. This is only the beginning of the protests that will follow if people don’t start getting paid again. Nobody can continue to work for free. I will not apologize for my stance that no one.not even the United States government has the right to dictate what I do or do not do with my body. This is what democracy is, the freedom of choice, the freedom to choose our path. Those who cry it is ablow against religious beliefs, guess what, we all do not believe in religion, or observe the same faith. If you are against a nondoctor providing this medical treatment expand the education of medical professionals and their supporting staff.

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It has been taking place for centuries. Make it safe and governable so this medical procedure can be safe and available in a noncriminal forum.  I hope this new freedom comes with psychological counseling for the pain these women will feel. It’s not only the babies lives lost, many mothers hearts will be destroyed in this as well. Wouldn’t be having this conversation if your mother decided to go your route.  Anyone who use that theory that collision was what created lives must be thoroughly insane because when two mighty object collide everything is obliterated. Actually God created the universe and lives on earth. Creation can never be an accident what more lives. Try creating a car by accident.

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