Stay back I don’t like people Virus 2020 shirt


This is what a severely Stay back I don’t like people Virus 2020 shirt, reactive president with no foresight looks like. Strips departments when the going is good, fire any officials that don’t stroke his ego, and, when a crisis looms in the distance, cannot anticipate that it is headed his way. If the workaday man does all this, he’d be homeless. But Trump? He becomes president (with emoluments).

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Stay back I don’t like people Virus 2020 shirt

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I’m pretty sick of the false equivalencies about how “we had to put up with Stay back I don’t like people Virus 2020 shirt“. I miss feeling safe about the competency of our government. I would not felt afraid had Romney Ryan won. I never felt imperiled when either Bush was leading. Remember folks, He’s a “businessman”; he didn’t want people just hanging around. And as our lousy excuse for a President so famously has told us “we can get them all back very quickly if we need to.


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