Star Wars way of Yoda shirt


Star Wars way of Yoda shirt


In German yes. At least in some Star Wars way of Yoda shirt of his lines. Sometimes the sentence doesn’t end with the verb, but they often mix up the order of the entire sentence structure, which makes it sound way off too. In German you can’t just arrange your words in any order you like, there’s a set of rules you need to follow to make it grammatically correct.

Well they kinda can at least in legends let me explain. You see they do have the potential to do so and I think vader has crushed fairly big things before however he doesn’t tend to do this because he’s not an area of effect fighter he’s a precise fighter he doesn’t need to do that. Now it’s heavily implied by knowledge of force powers and previous sith lords feats that while nobody has even exactly thrown a whole star they could rip the core outta of them marka ragons (I think) did this once but it does take time the main reason we don’t see people do these feats is because they take time and in a universe where everyone is so fast and bent of killing each other you do not have time to do these things. Luke in legends once manipulated a mini black hole all by himself (no seriously) but he couldn’t do this on the fly it’s much faster to just stab someone with a lightsaber than to pull a literal sun outta space. In canon the most impressive force power ever displayed was by Luke Skywalker when in a heated battle he pulled a star destroyer outta the sky. The same one seen on jakku while we don’t have exact details he would’ve been pulling against Wars way of Yoda Hoodie Wars way of Yoda Sweater Wars way of Yoda Tank top


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