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There are a number of similar or identical Quora questions calling Shaun King’s ethnicity into question, as well as his honesty. It is easy to avoid posting duplicate questions, so some of these look a little insincere. A Quora Partner Program member should be able to find questions such as Is Shaun King just a white guy? and Can Shaun King provide proof that he is black? It does look like Mr. King might be right to express concern that questions about his ethnicity are attempts to distract attention away from the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m not suggesting that this was the intended outcome of this question, but it does add fuel to the fire. What really matters is Shaun King’s history of making positive contributions to civil rights, journalism, Black Lives Matter, criminal justice reform, the apprehension of violent criminals, disaster relief fundraising, and fundraising for multiple causes.

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Shaun Beergoyne Australia’s Silkiest since 2020 shirt

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He demonstrates sociopathic tendencies with almost everything he says and does. Whether it’s how he treats you (both before and after meeting you), how he treats the people of the Commonwealth, or even how he treats his own people — he’s never once displayed anything even approaching compassion for his fellow man, regardless of their relationship to him, and he’s absolutely certain that he’s right. He doesn’t know. I find this hard to believe. If you side with the Minutemen, he launches an attack against the Castle if you reject his offer — a facility he knows you command. He wants to test you. Without challenge, our capabilities can never be fully realised. He may simply be seeing how competent a fighter you are. If you die — oh well. You wouldn’t have been a useful resource to him anyway.

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