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He has got so many LOLHe is having so much trouble hailing a cab.Even Santa Unicorn Dabbing Rammstein Shirt know he wouldn’t pay laterSame category personals we have in Pak, and they have very good relations ship with modi familyIt’s funny how easy for criminals to get a UK Visa and how hard for nurses from abroad to work in the NHS.What is govt doing about this most wanted men who just found to be living in londonI think he can comment only for his FRIENDS. Is there any options in settings So, he is in contact with Government officials, and ‘in hiding’. Will he be brought to trial in India, or ‘taxed’ in UK. Like he owns London putting his hand up to the London cab brigade. We should find fault with Bank also. In fact, he has not robbed the bank. How bank has given him such a huge amount. Is it not their duty to very the docs he has produced. At that time they mingled with him and he managed to get the finance. Now Bank blames him as he has cheated the bank.

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For simple very small amount of Home loan sanction they ask for so many documents. What did they do in his case. 100% Bank staff mingled with him in this fraud by accepting bribe. No doubt in that.Who’s paying for his political asylum application fee. Narendra Modi no doubt.UK has a history shielding foreign offenders, may they be from Russia, Middle East or India for exampleYes,the BJP Government sympathises only with those poor business tycoons like Santa Unicorn Dabbing Rammstein Hoodie and so’t your pm put English govt under pressure to bring him and Malaya back . now don’t say that these people are innocent.Mallya and modi are my heros, they have done a great thing that they looted bank illegally. actually these banks are looting us legally.

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