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he should be arrested and returned back to Rick and Morty Happy St Patrick’s Day Sweater officials . these kind of criminals are not humansBiggest thief man of India Hindustan Bharat bhagya vidhata of Modi FamilyUnable to hide in ostrich hide. Should try some vanishing cream for once.Gosh good job he’s not in Australia they would have put him in a nice air conditioned donger on the lovely tropical paradise, manus island, and processed himwill he reply the same no comments if he is asked that all the assets and properties related to you will be auctioned in india and abroadHe is so inspired from Wing commander Abhinandan that for each and every question asked to him his reply was i am not supposed to tell you thatspeaking will expose a lot. mouth shut will protect from unknown dangers.

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The face is now like worst than beggar, chauffeur driven car of highest value to ordinary taxi, the waxy smooth face to fatigued non shaved face, non ability to walk straight & stay erect, all these deformation in short span of 1 year. The scoot minded billionaire must take note, and mend their way of doing business and live a moderate life devoid of glitter & fame.Till yesterday was invisible, now he is visible. After vote he will again vanish.They import criminals but deporting a teenager who lived all life in UK had attended UK school. Do not drink, do not do drugs.After the election both modi will settle in UK with our looted money.If the system is in place . This rogue would not be able to commit this crime.Nirav Modi thought country money is his father money .He should be in jail for life time .He’s out of answers. He should’ve stolen some answers too.He only knows this much Rick and Morty Happy St Patrick’s Day Sweater, No Comment. How was immigration allowed him in UKThe journalist shud come india to meet his spokespersons.

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