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I’m not someone who gets into politics too much but I have been watching closely to of The Office chibi character shirt. I am so grateful to see Mike Dewine taking this as seriously as he should be. I wish other states had this kind of leadership bc I truly believe in the future his example will be one that others wished they had followed. If I could live anywhere right now and go through this I’m glad I’m living right here in Ohio! Thank you so much really! How about stop all taxes, and all bills for those that can’t work do to you shutting everything down? What your proactive antics are going to do is cause another recession. People can’t go that long without employment.

I am a registered Democrat and I want to say that I feel you are doing an incredible job handling this Pooh The Winnie Dunkin’ Donuts shirt. Your leadership should greatly be appreciated by all the people in the state. Could you please put Ohio as a current declared disaster state so small businesses can utilize the SBA Disaster Loan Assistance program? Considering you were on the forefront of closing bars and restaurants. Idaho is on the list? We are not. We aren’t issued sanitizers and honestly don’t have the time to do so after every delivery. Please bring this up if you really want to take action. We should be releasing every package!

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