Official Yup shirt


Official Yup shirt


Yup. He’s probably told her that you Official Yup shirt were uncomfortable with her and if you were to get back with him he would probably confide in her all the things you do that he doesn’t like. Then before you know it they’ll be a team, you vs them. She wants to be the girl who does everything you don’t so she can win him over . Just let him go and move on.

Over 170 m tall, or 190 if you count the aerials, slap-bang in the middle of London, but it was, somehow, a secret and as such did not appear on any maps. It was finally ‘revealed’ in 1993 by an MP in parliament, because of a legal protection called parliamentary privilege which meant they wouldn’t get arrested for revealing the location of a giant feature of the London skyline that had been open to the public between 1966 and 1980 and had had a rotating restaurant at the top. Funny? let me tell you about my state. I live in Jammu and Kashmir, yup– that state which is prior in news everyday for all the notorious things that our other province do. So in my state the two popular regional parties are NC and PDP and their opinions were like these before elections : Most people according to polling, think that Congress is horrible, but an extremely high number of voters like their representatives. So, people will credit their representatives for having their back,especially when voters have bureaucracy problems, the Congressperson’s staff tries to help that voter sort thru the crap. Which means, aside from extra gerrymandering help, it isn’t always easy to turn over members of the House and the senate is a six year term and also do some constituent work and have a lot of exposure. So people think Congress is nuts, except their own elected officials… No, what I think is maybe the funniest single incident of this whole sordid ordeal is on that screen behind the orange man-child. It might LOOK like the official Seal of the President of the United States, but looks can be deceiving. Here’s what the original looks like:


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