My patronus is an Eeyore shirt


I use to have a My patronus is an Eeyore shirt and I don’t know what happened to it. I would like to have another one. This makes me wish I could crochet something other than a chain.  Sorry, but your link that might earn you a small commission does not work! But this is a darling pattern. Most of the people in those cinemas won’t be younger than a teenager, because your never to old for pooh bear🐻and children’s programs have been corrupted by things like paw patrol.

My patronus is an Eeyore SweaterMy patronus is an Eeyore shirt. You said we could go and now that we know when it comes out I’d like to formally invite you to accompany me because there is absolutely no one in the world I could possibly love more than my beloved Eeyore than you. I promise o won’t forget you, not even when I’m one hundred’ that what I have on the wooden sign in my house. This comes out on my birthday which I will not be home for but the next week when I am we are going to see it that first night.

My patronus is an Eeyore V-neck T-shirt

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