Mommy Shark Doo Doo Doo shirt


Hi, mommy shark! I know that it’s really hard for you to be a mother to us and a Mommy Shark Doo Doo Doo shirt. We hear it 10,000 times each day! Swim faster. My baby can’t even sing along yet and that’s his jam. Last road trip we had to have it on replay to get him to stop whining. Grandma shark too doo, grandpa shark. Sean drives me crazy when he starts with it cause it gets stuck in my head for days!

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Mommy Shark Doo Doo Doo shirt. You never fail to be the very best mom, even though we are so stubborn as hell You’re still there to support and give our needs as always! No such thing as a busy thing. We always have time. Daddy shark and mommy shark. Nia wanted to go see the baby shark! If you haven’t heard the baby shark song yet lucky you!


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