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Detoxing alcoholics needs to be hospitalized and in severe cases need Mickey Mouse love Dunkin’ Donuts shirt. There are no beds and certainly no ventilators to spare. It is essential to keep them open so none of those individuals end up at the hospital taking up scarce resources during this pandemic. There is something wrong if society cannot cope without booze. If they carry on adding to the list, they might as well call the so-called lockdown off and just let people die. The term essential really is such a subjective term, what some deem essential others deem laughable. It’s really our first time dealing with a problem like this and it’s certainly having its growing pains.

Wines and beers are not essential items that really are bloody stupid of someone’s idea only food and Mickey Mouse love Dunkin’ Donuts shirt. Poor Tim Martin, says most of his business has gone to supermarkets, that’s good next time he wants a 4 pack I hope it’s Tesco’s and gets served by one of the 40,000 he sent home. It’s not a lockdown. The Philippines banned sales of alcohol two days ago. Because people are stubborn to follow the rules of not having a social mass gathering. The government implemented the ban on alcohol to stop our army and police from wasting their time arresting stupid drunk people. Our police and army are already exhausted on the checkpoint day and night and then they will get called to a drinking session.

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