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He’s pretty good so far. At least that’s the way it seems. Mickey Mouse like drink Dunkin’ Donuts shirt At the moment I am writing this (8/16/16) he seems like the most reliable starting pitcher in the Pirate’s rotation. Gerrit Cole is in the middle of an off-year. Vogelsong has been good lately, but at his age, anything can happen. We are yet to be sure of what Ivan Nova can do with this club. Kuhl and Glasnow are new just like Taillon, and each has its upside, but the numbers point to Taillon being superior. Taillon has an ERA of 2.85 in his time in the majors so far. For all these reasons, I would say Taillon is pretty good.

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Mickey Mouse like drink Dunkin’ Donuts shirt

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Jameson is a terrible boss to work most of the time. Mickey Mouse like drink Dunkin’ Donuts shirt He’s rude, crude, very cheap, and lacks just about any social skills whatsoever. Most of the time you see him he’s going to come across as an asshole. However, he has been a publisher for many years. And in that time he has inspired loyalty from those who know him best. That’s because despite all his character flaws he’s actually not a terrible person. He’s just a very flawed person.

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