Kobe Bryant Dear Basketball Shirt


Kobe Bryant’s dream came full circle as he stood in the Staples Center in California watching the unveil of his No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys hanging high in the rafters on Monday night. It was a proud moment. Though the Mamba’s numbers may be retired, Bryant’s work is far from over. Days before the ceremony, Bryant talked to HuffPost about his new mission to inspire the next generation through artful storytelling. For two decades, Kobe Bryant dazzled the NBA on his path to five championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. On Monday night at the Staples Center, those 20 exhilarating years were honored with the retirement of not one but two jerseys — No. 8 and No. 24 — which Bryant wore throughout his care.

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Kobe Bryant Dear Basketball Shirt, Hoodie and Sweat shirt

Kobe Bryant Dear Basketball shirt

Kobe Bryant Dear Basketball shirt

When i was a kid, whenever i hear Basketball first thing that comes into my mind is Kobe Bryant. Imitating his moves was so difficult but still working hard to move like Kobe. Growing up a die hard fan of this man and defending him to all his haters. Numbers 8 & 24 are the only jerseys i wear when i was still playing basketball. When i had a chance to buy Kobe Shoes never hesitated and bought it even though it’s out of my budget. My teammates before know how i badly wanted to be like him. I understand how it feels when your heart and mind can still do it but your body is telling you to give it up. This man deserves all the Respect and Love. Greatest Laker Ever. Farewell Kobe.


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