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Doesn’t the foam just increase pressure Jameson Light Veteran US flag shirt in the glass rendering the foaming up demonstration with mechanical agitation an imprecise analogy to your digestion? This is for the customers that drink beer out of the bottle and pour it themselves.. it certainly isn’t for us bartenders pouring out of the tap. Otherwise, we won’t be pouring 16 or 22 oz beers if we leave a head that big on it, it will look like we were sipping it on the way to the table. That’s the way we do it since the beginning of beer in Bavaria. A nice foam crown as we call it is a must. Sorry, an American is trying to educate the world on pouring beer? May I suggest he winds the process back a botch and gets back to first base. Learning to brew decent beer would be a start. Secondly, a number of quality ales are lightly injected with nitrogen.

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