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But I hold the entire I Talk Shit About You In Spanish Guys Shirt House and Senate liable as an executive since they alone condoned all of this and paid for it with taxpayer money, and refused to conduct correct oversight and intel loss mitigation For The People. And Americans did die over all of this. Lest ye forget. It was based on that information that those IP techs that maintain the wall. Contacted the proper people and got nowhere with it, of course, it was shocking then, but that was 2009 before Congress became fully exposed. That is why the media is bought by the corporations to attempt to keep most people asleep or diverted or distracted or intentionally misinformed. It’s horrific what the media have done to Americans by repeating the fiction of congress when they have exclusive Constitutional protections that many Americans fought, bled and died for.

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When you start to get I Talk Shit About You In Spanish Guys Shirt it as I did in 2009, I still had faith in our institutions. These things are all correctable. The Constitution is your guide, congress can be entirely replaced on any given weekend. If you don’t get it, get this, internet technicians went to the US House, Senate, CIA, FBI, you name it and none of them closed down Obama and Hillary’s classified broadcasting. Hi, Omeros Christakos you made me smile. Trump, Pence, Pompeo did this to themselves, Congress picks flawed people for their own protection. Ross Perot warned us, I think the most important thing he said was that both parties did this to us, look at our debts We The People never agreed to.



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