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No comments.the main question still arise that if nirav modi is walking freely in I Am A Marvelaholic Youth Tee and can be track down by a journalist then why is india not interested to bring him back He’s qualified to run the country with these responses and his total failure to get a taxi until the bitter endArre uncle, kaahe raste pe utarkar No comments, no comments ka natak laga rakhe ho  Uber bulwa lete, seedha doorstep tak pahunch jayegi, just like the abysmal quantum of loans from a certain PNB, followed by one way first class tickets from India.Indian government can’t find him but a journalost found himThe Cheaters are supported in UK n Sheltered, If they are not faithful to their own country.

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How this people are loyal to UK n EUGuys, I like Telegraph, but, please, Russia is maybe the last country in Europe (if we can name it European) where the 8th of March is really the official holiday when people are not working, and lots of men buying flowers to women. I’m not trying to protect all the bad things that may happen, but, please, be objective If the leader doesn’t show respect to women, how can you expect ordinary people to do it. The truth is, Putin and his best pal Trump are sexist, I just wonder if they were hatched from an egg. So way does the Telegraph use for the video’s second scene the three trash bags disrespecting a place of worship. Would they do that in a Mosque.  If three male trash did instead they would likewise be punished. I can tell you that Putin has more respect for women rather than any other leaders in the world right now I Am A Marvelaholic Youth Tee. This is the day, when women become queens.I don’t understand why.. The joke was unpc and that’s about all.

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