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Or tackle Hard Rock Cafe Hill Valley Guys Shirt white supremacy terrorist organizations? Tim Mccormick It is also posted on here about night of death and violence in Chicago. The problems of gang violence is highlighted everywhere. You can ignore or choose to look for this ‘news’ aswell. Gun violence in Chicago and places like Chicago never get as much coverage, could this be because Chicago and places like it are run by democrats and liberals race baiting idiots, mass shootings like the latest one are politicalised, every democratic presidential candidate has blamed Trump for the latest shootings, race baiting idiots are all on CNN blaming Trump, has any of them mentioned how many people have been shot and killed just this weekend in Chicago.Front

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Fine. Let’s blame Hard Rock Cafe Hill Valley Guys Shirt mental health. Fix the Healthcare problem in this country make if free for all like other nations who are less wealthy than us do. And population is not the reason why it “won’t work here” greed is. It will absolutely work here. We all pay in we all get insurance. Aalia Salah I, like millions of others pay for healthcare, and we are happy doing so, millions of Americans get healthcare coverage through employers, they fought for it and are going to fight to keep it, of course we can have free healthcare, all we need to do is raise taxes to pay for it, and hope everyone is happy with the tax raise, in the UK people wait for over 8 months to see a surgeon .



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