Germany is calling and I must go shirt


Germany is calling and I must go shirt


German law is family friendly in the Germany is calling and I must go shirt sense that the German government benefits families who live together and strongly disadvantages those who live alone or who rent alone. How are you supposed to meet someone without shame when more and more young people live with their parents? It is a first practical issue already and similar to Italy. Even those who do live alone are either under extreme financial stress or they have so many roommates to make up for high rent prices that having children is out of the question.

The baby boomers are not handling their money well. Many people who have commented here are exactely out of this group and don’t appear to have asked the new generation for their reasons for not having children. I don’t know a single person in my generation who is not aware of how many baby boomers waste their money and lavishly live above their means without even realizing that they aren’t doing much better or okay in terms of property possession and captial in contrast to other European countries. They are only partly to blame too because they are being told by the media how rich they would supposedly be. In their mind they may feel wealthy and are still trying to compare their wealth symbols to those of other baby boomers but in the majority millennials are scared as hell by the behavior of baby boomers as they endanger the entire German society (many baby boomers have bought houses on a credit without those being paid off yet, traveling too much, spending too much on cars etc.) is calling and I must go Sweater is calling and I must go Tank top


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