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MAGA???? Fuck The Police Frog V Neck Shirt David Campbell In all the reports from the people monitoring their compliance the results state that they were in compliance. There were a couple of instances when they had very minor increases in heavy water which were quickly rectified. As the experts testified, increased heavy water would not bring them closer to having nuclear weapons. It is noteworthy that something this minor was found and put right. Michael Walsh. Obviously, you have no factual clue as to the deal or the sanctions. Puke odummer is the one that sent the plane full of cash to Iran. Gary Breen Factual data? Whose money was sent to Iran? Why was it sent? You talk of facts. The fact is this money was part of a court settlement that returned Iranian money back to Iran.

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It was a settlement that Fuck The Police Frog V Neck Shirt saved the U.S several billion dollars. This is old news and doesn’t negate the fact that we had a working agreement with our European allies and Iran that curtailed their nuclear weapons program. Trumped killed that agreement and has stated his intention of forcing Iran into a nuclear arms agreement. Idiocy at its finest. If the Iran deal was so good. Why didn’t the Obama administration take the deal to Congress or Senate signed by Iran? Instead flew billions in pallets in exchange for hostages under the disguise of an agreement. And then the admin. Admitting some of the money will probably be used for terrorism. What did Iran deal? Didn’t IQ45 cancel the US part in this? So why are we concerned about what they are doing. This is all part of his plan to start a war. And here come the Trump apologists siding with stupidity.

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