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Now, this deal is win-win Frog And Toad Fuck The Police V Neck Shirt partnership. Mao Narin,I am not talking about losing local election,I am talking about a situation whereby you can’t tell someone what to do, sovereign nation should decide for themselves,Erdogan wants Russian military equipment,and he has gone for it,and Washington is threatening him with sanctions,one needs to spread his tentacles, staying one place is not the best,this world is very diverse. When will Trump realize that Putin is not a friend, and Iran is not the only enemy? Now Turkey has US aircraft AND state of the art Russian air defense systems. Maybe Trump needs to think twice about selling weapons to murderous regimes like Saudi Arabia.

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they could very well Frog And Toad Fuck The Police V Neck Shirt end up using those weapons against US soldiers.  If you can’t tell China, Russia, Iran are not scared of the US anymore. The BRICS bank and Chinese yuan are making big moves against the US dollar and US. Saudi Arabia petrodollar. Didn’t Turkey shot down a Russian fighter plane a year ago? Yet they want to sell missile systems to them? Brainless Putin. If there be panel board, mentioning location with push bottom, in every coach, each passenger after entering the coach, push the bottom where their location, automatically stopped, no responsibility of the driver, responsibility of passengers, Seems odd to collect location data from people.

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