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All American Dyatlov Disaster Not Great Not Terrible Guys Shirt farmers migrate to China. Trump is smart right. If you look great.power rivalries all the way back to the Peloponnesian War .between Athens and Sparta. To modern day, these sort of trade wars have almost always led to a full.scale conflict. Unfortunately, during modern era, the stakes are way more higher than in the day of Opium Wars or Ancient Greece. That sovereignty does not matter much when 90. Of the humanity is dead and most of the Earth is radioactive wasteland. Just to be clear. I don’t really care about US domestic politics. Unfortunately, Trump regime is playing with fire here . And his decisions do not apply just to US but all over the world. Thankfully, global de.dollarization is going full speed ahead which means greatly diminished American global influence.

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People interested Dyatlov Disaster Not Great Not Terrible Guys Shirt in the topic should really read “America. The Farewell Tour” by Chris Hedges. If you don’t believe me, that’s fine. In which case, you should probably read Section 1 of the Guano Islands Act. .Which basically gives US citizens a carte blanche to annex overseas land into United States, provided such land had bird poop in it. And really, I’m not even joking. I hope I was though. Amber. Depends on the Democrat though. I’ve got an image that the Democratic party has several factions. Some of which are bloodthirsty and war.loving corporate fascists. Others are more close to European social democrats. 110 Democrats voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq. Pleasing the 3. Of the population has really gone too far . What has selling coke have to do with kissing . Can’t we just have the normal happy coke advert so that we kill ourselves with diabetes happily also. Jayesh Vallabhdas Ratangaria LGBTQ people have disposable income and buy things just like everyone else.



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