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Look the comments. But this shameless person saying no comments.This Dory I’m Never Drinking Again Oh Look Wine Tank Top could be an ambassador for everything are battered if they can’t repay loans of 5k. This guy has cheated a bank of millions. But heyy. You’ve got the government on your back. Rest assuredPeople like him are the once who support political party with money and leave country with their help. Give and takeWe the red forces.strongly condemed the culprit Nirav Modi who stolenbank money and diomonds about nearby 12thousand.crores.the moddi government please take immif actio and array him. always well come who bring money in there country they close there eyesabout from where how they bought, and they completely give protection to them just few years back Lalit Modi shifted their Mallya also there and many other financial offenders enjoying happy life thereDrive him out of UK. Why UK harbour economic offenders like him.]

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They are contagious, they park money in Western countries on behalf of his political bosses. But god is great, if people could not punish him God will. But the intensity will be severe. We will be witnesses.How could anyone have such massive attitude when he himself no he is a fraud . Well seems that we good people of country shouldn’t have any faith on political parties leaders and the law . Very sad. Why UK govt is giving shelter to the people who have unfair means of income.This guy is a prime example of what wealth does to you when you have everything(fame, name, luxury) and what karma does to you when you lose everything. Generated wealth from others hard earned money. This is what you get.What was the share of other Modi’s back in India.sorry no comments. Bus kar goray., Dory I’m Never Drinking Again Oh Look Wine Tank Top kya.. Apno mein begaana.Please help me understand.I like good quality journalism of The Telegraph.

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