Coors light Veteran US flag shirt


I’m not sure how my boss will feel about me drinking on the job Coors light Veteran US flag shirt. Here’s to 4:00! A cold one at 4 and a rolled one at 4:20. Hopefully, they see this and gift that man some beers! He name-dropped for them! If he lived that long from drinking 1 beer a day, my god I might never die. So he credits his long life to hydrating every day at 4 pm, got it. We all know there is no beer in a Coors Light can. Here come the beer snobs enjoy your garbage hipster beers. I’ll crack a cold Coors light over a midwinters sunset harvest triple hops pale ale any day of the week. God bless you, Sir. Whatever you drink, I’d be honored to buy you around. My paternal grandmother always kept a warm beer in the cabinet right behind where she stood!

Coors light US flag Hoodie

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