Bud Light Veteran US flag shirt


Bud light is the best beer of all time. Bud Light Veteran US flag shirt with every occasion. Dear bid light I will stay loyal to bud and bud light brand I don’t like my beer brewed with corn syrup. To that dilly. I don’t care if they use rice syrup, corn syrup, or cane syrup to feed the yeast that makes the beer. I do, however, appreciate a label that says what’s in it. I honestly do appreciate the transparency. Having said that, rice has never been an ingredient in quality beer. Nobody cares what is in their beer besides beer. These are stupid commercials playing off of people’s ignorance of the brewing process. You have to have sugars for the fermentation process. Whether it is corn syrup or table sugar or any other type of sugar doesn’t matter. It is all consumed by the yeast and converted to alcohol. Bud Light fights science and taste simultaneously.

Bud light US flag Hoodie

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