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Based on his story, he was forever banned from being provided electric power because he was caught with having tampered the electric meter. In short, he was stealing electricity by having installed something on the meter which did not accurately reflect his electric consumption. Consequently, he was charged by MERALCO with a criminal case with the courts. I was aghast upon hearing this because he had the nerve to ask the department to intervene in his case. We told him outright that we cannot do anything.

Birds of Prey fight like a girl shirt

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Khalid Ahmed was dying. Four high velocity rifle rounds had struck his right flank, starting about nipple level and extending down to his pelvis. The rounds had gone right through him and left several large exit wounds on the left flank. Bowel and omentum protruded from these holes in his left side. His abdomen was distended and his litter was already soaked with blood. A fifth round had shattered the bones just below his left knee. As he rolled into the trauma bays, his eyes were wide open but unseeing. I waved a hand in front of his face and got no flicker of response. He was out, unconscious. His first blood pressure was 50.

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