Baby Yoda play Ukulele Star Wars shirt


Baby Yoda play Ukulele Star Wars shirt


After watching episodes 2 and 3 of Baby Yoda play Ukulele Star Wars shirt THE MANDALORIAN, a lot of fans were almost convinced that the baby swamp elf was actually Baby Yoda i.e a much younger, baby self of the famed Jedi Master, Yoda, who played a major part in Star Wars Eps 1 to 6.

However, in both the episodes, a character mentions that the ‘age of the empire is long past’. Hence the timeline in which THE MANDALORIAN is set, has to be sometime after the events of Star Wars – Ep VI – Return of the Jedi. “The Mandalorian” apparently takes place about five years after the Rebel Alliance overthrew the Empire in 1983’s “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,” and more than 20 years before the rise of the First Order in 2015’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Yoda, the Jedi Master, was 900 years old in the film ‘Return of the Jedi’ and he died near the end. So the baby swamp elf in THE MANDALORIAN cannot be the same Yoda’s baby self. There is a very popular theory/conjecture doing the rounds among Star Wars fans, that ‘baby Yoda’ is actually the secret love-child of Yoda and Yaddle, who is the female Yoda who appeared on the Jedi high council, in Star Wars – Ep I – The Phantom Menace (see Yaddle). The theory is that since the Yoda species is extremely rare to find, this is the reason why Doctor Pershing wanted to get his hands on Baby Yoda to clone him).


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