Aunt Saurus Rex Dinosaur shirt


Blair war criminal should face trial over killing thousands of people in Iraq war based on biggest lie of the modern history this criminal stil free and proud because is supported by Israelis Lobbyists globalists terrorists. This Aunt Saurus Rex Dinosaur shirt along with Bush will never see the inside of a prison cell as they are protected by the same people that want Brexit reversedI don’t see what’s changed. Under Blair they were advocates of raping the high value working class to buy votes from the lazy.
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Don’t suppose anyone can explain why people who want to return the Aunt Saurus Rex Dinosaur shirt to its roots, who may well have been among the 50% of Labour members lost under Blair are entryists, yet Blairites who shaped New Labour weren’t? The Labour Party has been taken back from the criminals and tories back to the membership and the peopleHe was never a socialist the tory papers backed him 100 percent he made promises to the right and kept them allWho cares what he thinks, he counts for nothing other than his past and that was not something people liked.


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