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And pretty soon, those scientists will be found dead Arya Jumpman Hoodie. Or they will find a cure and cost like $10mil for it so the big pharma and insurance can make up for their “loss” of curing people. There has been a cure for years!! It’s such a profitable business. Population control.. endorse fast food, legalise tobacco and alcohol, so then the people get diseases and become ill, so then the masses can pay for cancer treatments.. it’s a never ending cycle. There’s already cancer cures. Can’t make as much money off of cured people as sick people. Don’t be fooled. It’s already curable but I guess they need time to invent something bigger than cancer. Money speaks. Yeah right the medical field and govt make too much off of cancer patients to ever provide a solution or 100% cure to those said patients. There is most likely a cure now but that would have effect profits…

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which is what these companies are all about Arya Jumpman Hoodie. There is no money in curing a problem. And in ten years they’ll say “in 10 years cancer will be manageable”, seriously how often do we read these headlines now? Unless it’s a breakthrough stop giving people false hope. Been saying this for long as people keep raising the money they will keep lookin for a cure…theyve probably known it for a long time. In 10 years they’ll still be doing chemotherapy the same way they are now, the same way it was in the 80s. They can only make money once off a cure per person. But make hundreds of thousands yearly per person off chemo. why not now? some cured by marijuana, some cured by eating healthy and organic vegetables, some cured by drinking modified clean water like hexagonal water or some said alkaline water although alkaline water might not suitable for a lot of people, it just a matter how u cleanse your body carefully. choose more natural way instead of dangerous drugs and chemicals for long period.

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