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They released the book of the script, so you can read the Trumpkin Pie Make Thanksgiving Great Again Hoodie … so they already have reached people who cannot afford to see the play because they can still read the story , i believe the origional main cast are done with the hp movies. but they could keep the cast they have and do it i suppose. Honestly I think the appeal of it would completely gone in a film version. Maybe a film of the stage production but there’s so much interactivity with the audience that couldn’t be replicated. I do hope it goes on tour and the price comes down so more people can see it. I’m a big HP fan but who would watch an emo kid who does nothing but procastinate about his life that his dad is the ever famous the boy who lived. JK should have written the play. I want to tell people that it was bad, no offence but it was, I believe that it would have been interesting if it were the POV of Scorpius.

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I have never seen the play because I can’t afford it but the book was bad, like it doesn’t belong to the other 7 books. Sorry but it is but maybe the play is good because of the visuals. So if you were to drink one every night it equals an extra 820 calories per week….and before bed when your body slows down burning the calories. The only way to lose weight is to reduce calorie intake….not add to it. I really don’t understand why they aren’t making this into a major motion picture. I get that it’s a play but it could easily be turned into a really great movie and therefore reach more people. With it being a play, so many people cannot afford to see it or do not live close enough to see it. They are missing an opportunity to reach a bigger audience. The fan base is there so the movie would do well. Just seems silly to me. Successful plays go on national tours. It is magical , if it goes on a national tour that would be more feasible. Right now you are talking a trip to NY or London. Neither of those are particularly affordable for the Trumpkin Pie Make Thanksgiving Great Again Hoodie everyday. Not to mention the wait on tickets. My husband and I were just in London and I was searching for tickets for over a year- they were all sold out. They’ll probably show it as a Fathom Event eventually.



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