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Steve clarkes comments after the Stan Lee 1922 2018 Thank You For The Memories Tank Top were disrespectful so get it roond ye gorgie rools. Scottish football is run as a Kabbalah no logic. physics or common sense, just one egotistical desire. Anyone at the game record people chanting “Dicker the Kicker” while this was happening? If so please share!!!. I am always amazed at how dedicated some people are. Taking a dog through so much therapy is not only expensive but also it has to be a huge part of your every day life. So much respect for their kindness, empathy, and reluctance to take an easy way out. Animals are family and they should be treated as such. And now he has the Crusoe Show 🙂 new episode every Sunday I love this dog! Morelas actually kicked mckenna with intention and that got rescinded. Goes onto his next game to score shldnt haven’t even been on pitch. One rule for old firm and another for rest of clubs. I know it got rescinded n my eyesight’s fine thanks for asking. By the ref seeing what happened then showing Morelos the red card n missing 80 mins of the game, that suggests he didn’t get away with it. 

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That’s an unbelievable decision, it is now a two tiered disciplinary system between the decisions the Old Firm get now on and off the pitch when you consider the kick that Morelos got rescinded and the elbow that Scott Brown got away with, yet the rest have to put up bad decisions and the compliance officer not want to undermine the match official. Depends what club the player plays for. No wonder Scotland is a laughing stock when a player winning the ball fairly gets a red card not overturned, when another clearly seen kicking out at an opponent off the ball does. All Golden State Warriors fans are either 14 year old boys with waxed eyebrows & extremely tight pants, underage girls who have a crush on Steph Curry, or Filipinos who root for whichever team’s favored to win the ‘chip that season. The Warriors had a 3-1 record vs the Cavs in the finals the last four years. Lebron should’ve stayed with Cleveland because that would’ve guaranteed the Cavs would’ve won the next three NBA Finals vs the Warriors! Why isn’t Curry’s engraved Finals MVP? Why aren’t any of his engraved that? Oh right, he chokes in Finals, but no one brings that up. So your only argument is him not winning Stan Lee 1922 2018 Thank You For The Memories Tank Top MVP means he’s choking. That is just ignorance, his Finals stats say other wise, 27.5pts, 6 rebounds, 7 assists per game these past nba finals. So why all the hype for these guys? Theyre not the first team to win 3 out of 4.

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