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I however have bigger issues with Home Alone Kevin Christmas Tank Top I will not watch because of that fact. Thank you. This only confirms my decision not to see it. The f-word is never needed and should never be used. I don’t know how people will be able to watch this movie that I am about to recommend, because it was shown during only one night last night. I recommend Michael Jr.’s More Than Funny. I saw Joanne and it was badass! I’m super excited she’s going to Vegas!! Vegas is soooo fun, I was there in Sept. I can’t wait to go back!!! So Quit ya whining and take it to Vegas!!! Her shows are so worth the trip! You are in great company. Many many famous performers got to play Las Vegas. Can’t wait to get the chance to fly out and catch both shows. Don’t worry about what some fans say about this residency. They have never even come close to walking in your shoes. They can’t understand, that’s why they are negative. My goodness, he is absolutely beautiful… Stunning to look at, gorgeous eyes and to have a huge heart to boot! The person he ends up with is bloody lucky! 

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As for those saying he is difficult to understand, he’s really not. Just listen to him, look at him. I cried. I have dystonia in my facial muscles, specifically when I play my instrument. It took me 2 years to relearn my instrument and I still struggle now and then with shakes/trembles. My teacher helped by refocusing on basics and taking it slowly. It worked. I hope this man lives a wonderful life. His strength and kindness is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I’m not sure if you’d be interested, nor if it could help with this particular disorder, but I think medical marijuana, or just some CBD oils (which don’t get you high) could really help you! I’ve done research on it, and it helps a lot with Parkinson’s disease which affects mobility as well, so I feel it could really have a positive effect!! Just a thought, happy living. Right now in Jesus name I command the spirit of Dystonia to leave your body now!! And i command your facial muscles, to be completely healed and restored now in Jesus name!. I have dystonia too! But thanksgod mine’s the only dystonia that have medicine to treat – segawa’s Home Alone Kevin Christmas Tank Top. I pass 10 years with so much pain, and now i have a normal life.

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