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. Larry Stevens have you ever been in the situation where a Alan Jackson Hoochie Coochie Youth Tee starts falling from the sky under your control. So how would you know what the pilots did or didn’t do to try save the plane that clearly has a factory glitch in the system. Love how people think they know all and they should have done this and should have done that, you weren’t there to see what went on so unless you have actual facts shut ya trap. How dare they, it should be our choice if we vaccinate our children. What if we don’t like one of them. And want to gamble with there Life. Only Vaccinate the ones we love l. It’s an extreme measure we took to solve the new emergency, vaccinated kids were the norm before we started to believe in dr. Google instead of true doctors. I wasn’t vaccinated as a child and I always seemed to be ill, had measles, remember having mumps it was horrendous, all my kids have been vaccinated and they’re hardly ever ill.  I hope the UK bring the same policy in. 

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If you want your child to attend government paid schools then a condition of being vaccinated (unless medically unable) should be compulsory.While I am pro vaccinate. I don’t believe that mandating things like this is the way. Government should never have that much authority in people’s life choices. Sorry to say, all you pro vaxers, but I have a nagging doubt about the wisdom of vaccinating every one. It seems a Alan Jackson Hoochie Coochie Youth Tee and natural thing to do but we have absolutely no idea at all how the microbiobial community will respond. And I do find the rock solid certainty on both sides annoying. Gets in the way of ferreting out the truth of it.  I was vaccinated at around the same time I was infected with measles.

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