Ain’t No Laws When You’re Drinking Claws Guys Shirt


CNN, they have Ain’t No Laws When You’re Drinking Claws Guys Shirt never learned that even the people with the smallest of amount intelligence, have more intelligence than CNN. Get ur head out of the sewer CNN. I am not quite buying all of this yet. IF Assange was a hacker, why would he take the Russian material unless that was his plan, to expose them, but who did not know what the Russians were doing? Who does not understand the ways of the bear? What that means, fellow seniors. Is that they were told not to keep broadcasting classified material because it would get Americans killed, and in their arrogance, Obama insisted on getting a multi-million dollar PDA that was encrypted, then Hillary threw a fit and demanded one also, and intel told her to forget it.

Ain't No Laws When You're Drinking Claws Shirt

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I cannot speak to Ain’t No Laws When You’re Drinking Claws Guys Shirt motive, other than intel new they had broken arrows, tangos awol, whatever you want to call it, loose cannons, intentionally sacrificing America. For-profit. And intel did not stop them or expose them, and then the Russians fell into the trap with China, North Korea, Iran, etc. Hillary and Obama are not as wise as they may seem, I questioned our intel’s wisdom also, from afar. Reading the open documents, FOIA results, etc. Congress controls everything, start there in your deductive thinking. I am hard on the services because I cannot see anywhere that anyone cared enough about the American People to go public.



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