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That VERY moment I came back down to earth out my feelings and realized I made a horrible decision that could have turned extremely ugly. I cried like a baby. What if he would have actually hit me??? I was not thinking about the consequences. I was trembling! I wasn’t expecting the situation to escalate the way it did. He threatened me all the way out the store and mall security was there a bit too late after called by a customer.

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People begin to chime in at the checkout I should have minded my business, called the police, some said they was happy I did what I did, some said what an asshole he was, how rude he was, how they felt bad for his wife mall security escorted me to my vehicle after my shift to be sure he wasn’t lurking in the mall parking lot. Overall that was the rudest thing I have seen at a checkout. here were 5 of us, and two of them were closer than the rest.

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