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From the time I was born until I grew up, I took You know I be workin my Brachioradialis shirt books to school, I was like a little princess in the arms of my parents. The pampering and caring of my mother and father made me a stubborn and stubborn personality. One sunny afternoon, I ignored my mother’s advice and didn’t bring raincoats to school. Seeing the bright sunlight dance everywhere, I thought it would not rain. But when the drumbeat of the school just rang out, dark clouds everywhere rushed in, thunder and lightning flashed each time. It rained, torrential rain, rushing like pouring water. My mother went to work until late at night so I blatantly rained home. The sudden downpour made me wet like a rat. I hastily changed clothes but couldn’t stop my body from trembling because of the rain for too long.

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You know I be workin my Brachioradialis shirt

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That night, I lost consciousness high fever You know I be workin my Brachioradialis shirt. Stunned, the temperature is up to 38.5. My father went to work far away, my mother discovered that I had a fever and was extremely scared and worried. In the middle of the night, all the pharmacies are closed. There is only one blister pack in the house. I obediently lay on the bed watching my mother walk back and forth, back and forth. Mother gently opened the cupboard, took fever-reducing medicine and warm water, graciously helped me to sit up and let me drink. My mother’s slender hands carefully touched my forehead. Seeing that the temperature had not changed, her mother’s eyes shone worriedly. She gently lifted the basin of water, dipped a face towel and covered it with my hot forehead. Occasionally, she would flip a towel, change the water.

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