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All I could see were snowflakes. Emboldened by her lack of Dragon Ball z chibi water reflection mirror shirt, I slowly inched my hand out from between our two legs. My heart was racing and I decided it was now or never. I could always claim I had dozed off and didn’t realise if necessary. I inched my hand up and to the left almost imperceptibly slowly. Finger by finger I moved until I was gently holding Neera’s knee. I was struggling to control my breathing rate and my cock by this time was straining at the confines of my shorts.

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Dragon Ball z chibi water reflection mirror shirt

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Boy was I thankful for the covering of coats over our Dragon Ball z chibi water reflection mirror shirt. A quick glance to my right showed Anne still seemingly asleep, head against window. I sat motionless for a minute, the palm of my hand resting fully on Neera’s knee. She didn’t move, just continued to stare out of the window. I knew she wasn’t asleep, with a surreptitious glance I could just about make out the reflection of her eyes in the car window. This woman either had iron self-control, or no nerve endings in her leg. There was not the slightest flicker of reaction from her. There was no way she could have failed to notice my ministrations, and we had progressed well beyond the realm of accidental touching by now.


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