Warriors STAY GOLDEN shirt


In Godzilla vs. movie King Ghidorah, this Titan’s remains are used to breed three living beings known as Dorats. When these three entities come together, they create a completely new Ghidorah with tremendous power. In other episodes, Ghidorah is an immensely ancient monster, and obviously comes from the earth itself, not from any other planet.

Ghidorah is a 3-headed monster with yellow skin. It deserves to be Godzilla’s most formidable opponent when its size is much bigger than our hero. In most times these monsters appear on the big screen, Ghidorah can fly, create energy shields, spray lightning beams, or even defeat another monster just by flapping its wings once. The giant size also makes it resistant to the damage suffered from the enemy. Another special feature of this monster, is that it has no defining gender like Mothra or Godzilla.

Warriors STAY GOLDEN shirt

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