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. I will stop making daily videos and I will focus more on making longer videos every week or two Walking Dead Cobra Strike Hoodie and start my company. I am throwing a party for 1,400 people in Malta and id love to have you attend in person for one LAST video. Here is more details: It’s amazing that you are finding so much stories in my lovely Peru… Have a great time there, I know you are doing it. As far as you completing your 1000 day journey, well Nas, it has been real. I have enjoyed going to all these different places with you living vicariously through these videos. I wished I could be in Malta to celebrate, but I don’t have the money to take a trip like that, but I can’t wait to see what you do in the near future. Thanks for bringing me on your journey and “That’s one minute. See you down the road, my friend.” It makes me so happy that you’re highlighting great people from my country doing amazing things lately.

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We have so many problems so it’s great to see these inspiring stories. Just last night I spoke to my uncle in Lima and he discussed this same issue about cleaning Lake Titicaca. Your timing on this story is perfect! You give Walking Dead Cobra Strike Hoodie hope in humanity! I am going to miss the daily episode but I’ll keep you guys in my mind and my heart! amazing. Thank you for getting this out there Nas. I am glad to hear that after your 1000 days you aren’t just going to disappear… Glad to hear you will be making longer videos.. Use the knowledge to make better life of others makes you as a truly educated person.  !  I think this is a repeat. I’ve seen this video before and it must not be my dream. You’ve uploaded it earlier, right NAS?

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