Trust me I watch LIVE PD shirt


Denver and the Amazing Flex need to be prominently featured on every episode. Trust me I watch LIVE PD I’m basically a cop shirt Anything to pull somebody over or you guys make it up as you go along what about the freedom of the road protect and serve, I respect officer Denver’s human lie detector skills. Almost would like the chance (in a noncriminal situation) to see if I can get one over on him. Not saying I’m a great liar but always like a good challenge, Now this, this is an arrest that is WELL worth everything. But these stops and arrests for weed even in large amounts is medicine ya fucking dummies. Stop arresting people with weed. The feds won’t care I promise and it’ll allow you more time to focus on actual crime.

Trust me I watch LIVE PD I’m basically a cop shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

Trust me I watch LIVE PD I'm basically a cop Guys tee

Guys tee

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just to harass people. Trust me I watch LIVE PD I’m basically a cop shirt. I would never try to lie to Denver. Not that I lie but he scares me in a nice way lol, Can anyone enlighten me on why tonight’s show everyone’s face is blurred??? They used to not blur out the faces,, did someone say something, Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by this “aggressive stopping” they are doing? I have nothing to hide BUT no way in hell am I going to let a cop stop me for no reason and search me! It started with DUI checkpoints and now this? What are we going to give up next? FREE RENT 18YRS….. & HE’S CALLING THAT MAN BAD NAMES??? KICK THAT LOSER OUT ASAP.

Trust me I watch LIVE PD I’m basically a cop shirt

No big surprise that cranky old man lives ALONE! That was priceless, but also sad to see the condition of the home he was living in. That landlord is a disgrace and hopes someone over there reports that shithole and the landlord get fined!!!! Leave it to Sgt. Leverett to make the bust! The human lie detector! Gotta meet that quota… let me get really close to you, shine my lights directly into your windows and mirrors and see if you f#ck up…I love him and his canine flex! I live not too far from them in Indiana would love to meet flex someday,


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